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Is Metal Roofing Dangerous?

Posted on 03.17.14 by

I’ve written about the various benefits of metal roofing here before, but it is important to note that every type of roofing has its dangers. Metal roofing is safe to be installed on the vast majority of roofs. You don’t have to worry about cave-ins or anything of the sort so long as your roof is properly installed. However, Timothy Thiele highlighted a couple dangers that any metal roof owner should be aware of.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Metal roofing is slicker than just about any other roofing material. It is just a natural trait of metals, and the finished applied to protect the materials from the elements don’t make them any less slippery. The biggest dangers related to metal roofs all come from this single characteristic.

The most injuries related to metal roofing are caused by falls. It is suggested to use numerous safety precautions any time you are on a roof of any kind, but metal roofs call for even more care. Safety harnesses should be considered a prerequisite for any time spent ontop of a metal roof, as well as boards attached to help keep your footing.

But, you can be at risk even when you’re on the ground. While less often, many are hurt every year by sudden falling objects coming from their roof. Especially when frozen, branches, nuts, and other dangerous debris won’t get caught on your roof. They will often gain speed and shoot down your frozen roof putting those below in danger. While the little acorn from a nearby tree isn’t going to hurt much, falling ice, snow, or larger tree limbs can be much more serious.

If your roof is steep enough that falling materials like snow and ice could be a danger, it can help to install snow guards that stop the materials from falling. They are installed in a staggered patter, with each one about a foot higher or lower than the previous. You’ll have to clean your roof of debris more often, but you’ll have control of what goes crashing down and keeping anyone from being in the line of fire.



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